October to April is the time landscape Moc Chau in the most beautiful. Moc Chau with airy atmosphere, the fresh of the plateau. Pleasant cool weather, natural and man such harmony together … Not only that, this is also the period of the season Moc Chau transformed this flower to another flower season, do not always put on this plateau their colorful outfits of the wildflowers. It can be said, the flower color that has become the attraction and attachment legs visitors to Moc Chau along. To not miss the opportunity to explore the plateau this beautiful Highlander, refer to the Moc Chau tourist site below to not miss any scenery yet all of you!

Moc Chau tourist destination

The Tan Lap
Moc Chau Plateau to the first place you reach the Tan Lap. On Lap with mildew famous tea plantation, tea plantation is the heart that he dedicated to his wife Dew. Tea plantation located in Tan Lap mildew 1 and 2. Going into the tea plantation in Tan Lap, Tan Lap 3. Throughout covered with a blue color of the tea, the tea leaves young green trees and grass in the morning dew stretched, standing here sniffed the smell of tea and watch the immense heaven and earth for you feeling relaxed as emptying all your troubles.

Lap not only green tea hills, stretches longer be covered walkway to the array of white flowers along the street improvement adorned beauty of Tan Lap.

In the spring, Tan Lap featured by valley pristine white plum flowers, the petals of delicate white plum gently falling in the spring breeze. The lives of the people here rustic capital, to plum blossom season when all everyday activities take place under the canopy of the pristine white plum flowers bring a peaceful beauty more lively. Next summer for berry ripening, harvesting activities took place bustling results, coddled, ripe plums and earth to bring the essence of the plateau that visitors cherish so much more.

Ban Loong Luong

The right Loong Luong Hua Pass Crossing, out of a tea plantation in Tan Lap, turn to fall 3 is the Loong Luong. In the spring, the roadside at the Loong Luong cherry plum flowers filling the air. To April, the peach trees plum trees produce fruit when ripe olives, people turn to home buyers is 2kg trained 25,000 law crispy aromatic, juicy. This place has nothing to play much, but as you drive through here to Hua Crossing. Hua Crossing is inhabited by many ethnic Mongol unique culture. If you go up to 2-9, the Hua Moc Chau Crossing is a place not to miss, since it held a huge independent festival and bustle. Hospitable people here, so you can easily soak up the festival. At this point you can also stop your stay rustic stilt houses and enjoy the rustic meal of the people

Pa Phach

Pa Phach or three Phach located on Highway 6, near bars 70, a junction town 5 km. This is a not to be missed while in Moc Chau, you go in the direction to Moc Chau, when seen sea Moc Chau Tea Company, then turned onto the small road opposite. The Three Phach is inhabited by the Thai and Mong, was dubbed the “Paradise flowers wealth” of the plateau.

People here Florists sell enhancements for nuts and canola oil extraction, thus improving the field is planted, sprinkle seeds to trees grow naturally, every season is a hook and white blooms. Restoration bloom from mid-November to the end of December and most beautiful blooms in about 3 weeks. Improve the flowering season, both the covered with a pristine white, simple stilt houses are looming in the way of flowers. Life here is more rustic trails with red earth, the horses, the kids frolic innocent.

Flowers out of season goods, Pa Phach moved his spring plum blossom season. White plum flowers filling the air, swinging in the wind pristine of early spring. Under the canopy of the plate plum blossom is brilliant brocade dress celebrating New Year. The air spring where thrill tingle with flags, cherry plum blossom and folk games of the children.

How to “paradise flowers wealth” in the near Ang often Cuong also home improvement field of flowers make you fascinated.

Dong Sang

Dong Sang Pa Phach about 11 km way, the commune has 2 very nice that tourists come here to look at it is: The Hammer and the Ang.

Bua Ban Dong Sang is where the flower fields cauliflower extremely beautiful stretches. The Hammer is a pretty wild so visitors want to have to drive bottom line machine can follow the instructions to place. If you want to come here you will find the Huong Sen Hotel, turn into the entrance opposite the hotel, go to the end see the banyan tree turn left along streams. Add 1 more to go see paragraph 3 and then turn right down along the end line is arriving. If there are difficulties in the way you can ask the indigenous people here.

Hammer the beach where there are flowers blooming, flowers are the beaches between the red dirt roads to your small car running across. Places like where few tourists go to so you free to enjoy the feeling amidst flower field 1.

Ban Dong Ang Sang is the village of Thai ethnic people, still keeping intact many cultural characteristics. Ang has a lot to visit places that you can not ignore such as Hill pine, orchid gardens, garden strawberries, villages, …